Essential Items for Your Home Gym

Being fit used to be just a hobby, but now it has become a lifestyle to millions of people. However, not everyone has the time to go to a gym three to five times each week. The idea of a gym at home sounds great, right? Well, it is easier than you think to make one. All you need is a spare room or the garage and some equipment.


You cannot have a gym without Dumbbells. The amount of exercises you can do with them is endless and they will justify the expense immediately. Purchase a set of adjustable dumbbells as they don’t take up much space and you can adjust the weight in case you feel stronger.

Pull Up Bar

Remember that kid in middle school who could not do a single pull up? Well, he could have used a pull up bar! Before you purchase one, look around and see if you are actually able to install one in your home gym setting.


Another item on our list, which any home gym should definitely be equipped with, is the barbell. Try not to go too cheap on a Barbell, as it needs to hold a lot of weight, also take into consideration the diameter of the bar. You should be able to grab comfortably on the bar so you do not hurt your wrist or worst, drop the barbell.

Bonus tip: if you are going to take working out with weights seriously, ensure you invest in a groin strap.

Plyo Box

There are a lot of exercises that can be done on a Plyo Box and many more which can be made more difficult with one of these. Professional ones are recommended as they can support your entire weight and a lot more and they have a non-slippery surface. However, if you have what it needs to make one, go ahead! Anything that can support you jumping on it would do just fine!

Jumping Rope

Each of us has played with a jumping rope at least once. Well, it turns out people are using it for exercise, and it is great for cardio! Any rope that you can grab comfortably on to will do just fine. If you want to step it up a bit get something lightweight to speed things up or even a weighted rope to work on your strength.

Sound System

Not necessarily a sub woofer, but something to play music on, because you need blast some tunes when working out to keep a rhythm!

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Are Protein Shakes Worth the Time & Money?

Protein shakes have become more popular than squatting and this may be due to good marketing or people believe everything they hear.

Yes, protein is important; in fact our muscles would not be able to sustain themselves without protein. However, are we not getting enough protein from the food we already eat?

Protein Shakes are not any different!

The source of protein be it eggs, chicken, fish, beef, dairy, and others alike does not matter. Protein is protein and the difference between two fried eggs and a protein shake is nonexistent.

Ok, maybe protein shakes are convenient for some people like the ones that do not eat in the morning for reasons like lack of hunger or time. I guess they could drink a protein shake on their way to work and thus save some time and still get some energy source. However, other than that, there is nothing magical about protein shakes.

How many Protein Shakes do I need to drink?

The answer to this question is so simple. Whatever the amount of protein your body requires to function normally and nothing more. If your meals consist of chicken, eggs, milk, fish, etc. and you get enough protein already then the answer to this question is 0 (zero).

However, if you are not getting enough protein from the food you eat, because you just don’t have the time to eat properly then a protein shake, two, or three could be beneficial. The downside of protein shakes, yes there is one, is that you will be hungry quick. The reason for this is that our digestive system does not receive anything real to process, so by the time you get to work you will still feel hungry.

In conclusion, protein shakes have nothing special in them. They are just a source of protein that people can drink and the only benefit of them is that it saves time. If you want to really get into a smart diet then it will take so much more!

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Biking As a Workout

Biking is an excellent way to have fun and burn some calories at the same time. In addition, it strengthens your glutes, hips and legs. Biking is also gentle on your joints, thus it is a great way to exercise for all ages.

What You Need

Well, first you need of course, a bike! Depending on your height, choose a bike size that will be most suitable for you. It is all about wheel size, and if you are not on the right size, it will be uncomfortable to ride. The people at a bike shop can help you choose the perfect bike for you.


TIP: If you have not ridden your bike in a very long time, it is best to wear a hip and thigh support belt.

Another thing you need to think about before you purchase your bike is to decide where you want to ride it. For beginners it is best to ride your bike on a flat stretch of road like in the city. However, if you have a bit of experience and want to step it up a notch, get yourself a bike that is equipped for off-roading. This is where the real workout begins; a mountain trail through the woods is an excellent place to burn calories because of the constant slopes and rough terrain. If you like off-roading your bike, make sure to invest in a hamstring brace support. For other things, you need when riding your bike off-road we will let the pros explain.

Target Areas

Cycling is a great way to exercise, even better than running. You see, you burn just as many calories as when running, if not even more. In addition, your joints do not get as much stress on them since you are sitting comfortably. Cycling targets the lower area of your body, which includes legs, glutes and your overall core. Cycling also strengthens your back muscles but only if you ride your bike on a mountain path, the city roads will not do much for your back.

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Pro Tips for Backpacking

Backpacking is fun, we can all agree on this. However, the first time you do it; it will definitely not be fun if you do not pack properly. I wish someone told me I did not need all those things the first time I went backpacking up the mountain. We have decided to gather some ideas and put them together so that you can enjoy your first backpacking trip like a pro!

Choosing the backpack

Be careful what backpack you choose to take with you on your journey. It needs to be a professional backpack, waterproof and equipped with support for your sleeping bag and other accessories such as your flashlight and water bottle.


There are some things, which you need to take with you: Sun protection, navigation, lighting, first aid, tools, food, water and shelter.

Be smart

Before your journey, review the path you are going to take on a map. You will find plenty of places where you can refill your water bottle so that you do not have to take a gallon of water with you. If there will be six of you on this backpacking trip, discuss what each of you will be taking. There is no need to be six of everything, for example one can take a hunting knife, another a fire starting kit. Another item, which you should be packing, is a neoprene thigh wrap, just in case someone has a pulled hamstring.

Do not expect to sleep in a fancy hotel on your way up the mountain, because there might not be one. Learn to re-use your items; the sleeping bag can also be the place where you eat.

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Workout Recovery Tips That Actually Work

We all know what comes after working out, and that is pain and soreness. Not many people take it seriously and we should. Many people avoid working out just because of the pain that follows. The fact is that we should accept the pain and make it our friend, because it only means that our body will be stronger after we heal. I am not saying that we should not do anything about it, here are a few things you can try to ease the pain.

Respect your sleep schedule

People say that we need 8 hours of sleep each night. The truth is that it depends on each person, some sleep more other sleep less and they get plenty of rest. It also depends on our age, as we get older we need less sleep. What is most important is that we get to bed early.

Give lots of protein to your body

Protein allows muscle mass to repair itself, so give it plenty! Eggs, meat and milk are a great source of protein; if you are a vegetarian, you can eat beans, almonds and green peas.

Drink plenty of water

It is said that if you want to lose weight you should not drink too much water during and after workout. The truth is that you could cause more damage than good to your muscles and even reduce your body’s ability to repair itself.

Avoid alcohol

I am not saying that you should quit alcohol all together, I mean we all love a good night out with the boys or girls. What I am saying is that you should avoid consuming alcohol until your body has completely recovered. Alcohol contracts blood vessels, thus reducing the body’s ability to repair damaged muscle tissue.

Wear a hip brace

A hip and hamstring wrap offers support to your hips, groin, hamstring and back area. Thus making recovery a lot faster and with greatly reduced pain!

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Sit Up Straight Again

A proper posture does not just help you look like a million bucks; it is also healthy for your muscles. You see, the muscles that allow people to sit up straight, need to be used just like any other muscle. If we keep an arched posture, it will lead to atrophy over time due to lack of muscular inactivity. So now that we have clarified that, let us see how you can regain a healthy posture.

Find Your Current Posture

First off, to see if you need to straighten your back, you need to pass a test. Lean against a wall with your feet in-line with your body. Your head, shoulders, hips and heels should be touching the wall all at the same time. If there is no way your head or heels are touching the wall, you definitely need to correct your posture.

Remind Yourself of Your Posture

The next thing on our list is to be aware of our posture at all times. Leaving colorful notes on our desk at work and in our car is an easy way to do it. Creating reminders on our phones is another way to remind us to sit up straight.

Note: if you suffer from sciatica, groin or hips pain while trying to keep a straight posture, a good idea is to wear a brace for groin or hips stabilizer.

Simple Exercises


Photo by Jacob Postuma on Unsplash

This simple exercise takes no time and you can do it anywhere you are. Just remember to do it three to four times a day.

  • Shoulder squeeze – hold your arms in the air in front of you and try to squeeze your shoulders inwards. Hold it for a couple of seconds, release and repeat three times.
  • Shoulder drop – hold your arms above your head and try to bring your shoulders down. Hold it for a couple of seconds, release and repeat three times.
  • Shoulder roll – hold your arms down by your side and try to do a backward circle with just your shoulders. Try as hard as you can but remember to keep your hands straight. Repeat three times.

This simple exercise along with reminders should be enough to bring back a straight posture. Just remember to lean back against a wall to see if your posture is any better. Once your posture begins getting better then you should try out active sitting.

Let us know down in the comments if this has worked for you!

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8 Fitness and Health Influencers To Follow

When following your goals to become a fit and healthy person, you definitely need to find a role model better known nowadays as influencers. We prepared a list of 8 influencers in fitness and health for you to choose from. You will notice that they come from different areas. Let’s start!

Jamie Oliver

Ok, you wouldn’t have expected that, right? Well, we chose Jamie due to his amazing skills in food. He is a nutritious genius, with lots of experience and knowledge in healthy food. His TV shows and best-selling cookbooks have helped millions of people to change their life and be healthier.

Oprah Winfrey

Another surprise, you may say. Oprah is one of the most influencing people when it comes to personal lifestyle. She is a mode of empowerment and self-acceptance. Lately, Oprah has been working with Deepak Chopra as influencers in meditation and search of well-being.

Serena Williams

Everyone knows Serena. She is one of the strongest athletes of all time, a businesswoman and also an ambassador for UNICEF. She worked hard and reached success despite all the critiques and sexist comments against her. She never took “No” for an answer and she always pushed hard to gain success. What a role model she is!

Dalai Lama

If you are looking for quotes and books to get you motivated in life, then you must read Dalai Lama. The 83-years old monk teaches millions of people all over the world the power of a healthy mind and spirit. He is also present on social media, with over 18 million Twitter followers who seek his advice.

Caleb Marshall

Also known as “The King of Dance Cardio”, Caleb Marshall is a skyrocketing celebrity. His videos consist of dancing routines which include silly, fun and sexy moves on famous songs. Over 1 million subscribers are eager to watch more of enthusiastic and infectious videos. Trust me, you will want to work out on his videos! Make sure you warm up before dancing and invest in a pain relief brace.

Kayla Itsines

Popular on Instagram as the Fitness Queen, Kayla Itsines has been one of the most influential trainers for millions of women. She is very active on social media, writes books, has a mobile app and creates multiple guides on motivation for a healthier and fitter body.

Joe Wicks

The famous British coach shortly became one of the most empowering people in the fitness and health business. Also known as The Body Coach, Joe Wicks knows how to create a personalized 90-day plan for people who want to get fit.  He focuses on quick meals, short and easy routines.

Massy Arias

Massy appeared on numerous health and fitness magazine covers. She’s the brand ambassador for Target’s Champion C9 line. Her lifestyle tips are perfect for people with physical limitations or going through depression. Her empowering programs help millions, promoting family life, while having a healthy and optimistic lifestyle.

Who is your favorite health and fitness influencer? Is there someone specific that you would like us to talk about? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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